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EASA update on ETOPS certification

A new decision has been taking by EASA regarding ETOPS operations for airplanes with a mass over 45360kg.

  • Until now there was threshold of 45360kg for non-etops operations for commercial operation of performance class A aeroplanes with a maximum operational passenger seating configuration (MOPSC) of 19 or less. So airplanes with less than 45360 kg could fly 120 minutes further from an adequate aerodrome and airplanes above 45360 kg had to stay within 60 minutes.
  • With the arrival of bigger private jets like G650 or Global 7500 those jets were considered like B777 or A350 and considering those jets fly long haul ETOPS approval was required for CAT (Comercial Operations)
  • EASA in order to harmonise with the FAA and TCCA has recently issued an amendment to AMC 20-6 meaning now airplanes over 45360 kg and 19 pax or less will be able to fly CAT on routes 120 minutes from an adequate aerodrome.
  • Here I leave you a link to the explanatory: Read More